Kevin and Anne  2011 Trips

e) Perth area

Saturday 9th April


Arrived Perth at 9:14am, after finding the small handle for the car seat, that had been knocked onto the tracks under the car carriages, we set off to find our hotel.

Arrived at 11am, too early to book in so we left the car at the hotel and caught the free bus into the city.

Kevin went for a walk to the river, we have a great spot here.

As we were sitting watching TV we heard a loud noise outside, so we went out onto the balcony and were treated to a fireworks display over the city.

Sunday 10th April


Went to church in the city,

walked around the malls then down to the ferry terminal where we booked a cruise to Fremantle and back. Had lunch, then walked along the foreshore before we went on the cruise.

                      Perth from the water

Boats sailing on the Swan and a lone swan

Kevin went walking to and in Kings Park when we came back from the cruise.

                                                                                        City view from the park.


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