Kevin and Anne  2011 Trips

d) Indian Pacific

Our Train

24 carriages + 4 car carriages + one engine

Nearly 700 metres long (686 we were told)

Thursday 7th April


Arrived at the train terminal about 3pm to book the car in, then sat around for a few hours waiting for the Indian Pacific to arrive. It arrived about 45minutes late but managed to leave only 5minutes behind schedule.

Unfortunately our request for a forward facing seat was ignored and we were stuck in  a backwards one much to Anne's discomfort and disgust. We were given a guarantee that we would have forward facing dining room seats.

We found seats in the lounge car and waited for dinner. We opted for the later meal seating because the early one was too early in the morning.

Friday 8th April

on the train

After a disturbed night  we went to the lounge. The train rocked and rolled and bumped all night, the most uncomfortable ride we have had on a train.

As we waited in the lounge car for breakfast, Anne knitted and we watched the Nullabor roll on by.

The train made a stop at Cook to change drivers. We were able to get out and stretch our legs as we took a self guided tour of the place.

The Motorail carriages with our car on top of the second one.


After the whistle stop self guided tour of Cook we boarded the train and were soon on our way again across the Nullabor to WA.

The Nullabor was surprisingly green after a fair bit of rain

which had also left small lakes.

 We enter Western Australia

After dinner we arrived in Kalgoorlie where we were taken on a drive by tour of the town and a visit to one of the largest open cut gold mines in the world.

The trucks looked like Tonka toys from our vantage point.

Kevin grabbed this pic from internet of the daytime view

Here is Kevin sitting in the bucket of one of the shovel trucks. the bucket can hold 100 tonnes of ore.

Saturday 9th April

on the train arriving in Perth

It was another night of little sleep (Kevin slept better than Anne)- this was definitely the worst ride we have ever had on a train in which we have had a sleeping cabin.  The service was excellent, the food was good but the quality of the ride made it an unpleasant journey. I will never travel again or recommend travel on the Indian Pacific.

In the farmlands approaching Perth.

Our car being driven off the motorail carriage. When we opened the door we found that the handle of the electric seat mechanism was missing. Eventually and fortunately it was found on the ground under the carriage. Someones big foot had knocked it off as they got into the car.

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