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f) to Monkey Mia

On the left are our map details of Perth up to Monkey Mia and above is a complete trip map so far

Monday 11th April

Perth to Port Denison

Before we left Perth we drove up to King's Park to the lookout. Then followed Navman's instructions to Port Denison. 

On the way we diverted to Gingin where we had morning tea in the park and took a walk along the boardwalk beside the creek.

We headed north again and took another side road to Cervantes where we had lunch before we drove to Nambung National Park to see the Pinnacles Desert. As we drove along the road to Cervantes we caught our first glimpse of the Indian Ocean and were amazed by the number of banksias flowering alongside the road.  

We also stopped to investigate the windmill farm.

here were 48 windmills on this farm producing enough electricity to power 50 000 homes.

                                It was worth going out of the way to see the Pinnacles Desert.


On the way back to the main road we were fortunate to see a two young emus by the road. They were slower to move into the bush than the adult with them.

We drove up the coast road to Port Denison where we found our accommodation the Dongara Denison Holiday Park. We have a "deluxe" ensuite cabin - good enough for an overnight stay.

We walked over to the foreshore to watch the sun set. It did set but into the clouds.

Tuesday 12th April

Port Denison to Kalbarri

We chose to drive the coast road as far as we could today. As we travelled north from Port Denison we drove through Greenough which is famous for the leaning trees - a River Gum which leans because of the constant strong southerly winds

We continued on through Geraldton only stopping for petrol - we are returning there for 3 days on the way back to Perth.

North of Geraldton we headed west to the coast, taking a morning tea break at Gregory, where we watched the lobster boat unload its cargo into the "live  lobster" truck.

Then we drove back past the "Pink Lake"

and headed north again through Kalbarri National Park where we stopped for some sightseeing.

Castle Cove

The Natural Bridge

                                                                                                                Island Rock

From there it was not far into Kalbarri where we found our accommodation Kalbarri Seafront Villas where we will stay for the next 2 nights.

ednesday 13th April


8:45am was listed as Pelican feeding time. Someone forgot to tell the pelicans or perhaps there was a better breakfast elsewhere.

s the day was so beautiful we decided to hire a boat for 3 hours and motor up river.

The motor was noisy but it was good to go exploring up the river.





We pulled in here for morning tea.


Early lunch was on the beach under "The Castle".

Our last stop was on the far side of the river, we walked across the small sand hills to the beach.

During the afternoon we drove out to the northern section of Kalbarri National Park to see the sights.

It was a 26km drive along a sandy road into the park.

We walked 500 metres in to Nature's Window and clambered over the rocks to look through the window.


On the way to Nature's Window.

The final stop was at "Z bends" - the Murchison river zig zags its way along forming the gorges.

We caught the final rays of the sun just after it had set.

Thursday 14th April

  Kalbarri to Monkey Mia

Left Kalbarri about 9am calling in at Kalbarri National Park to visit a section we hadn't yet seen.


We walked down a path and clambered over rocks to reach the river.

from there we began to head north to Monkey Mia.

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