Kevin and Anne  2011 Trips

g) Monkey Mia

Thursday 14th April

   Monkey Mia

We followed long roads edged with red dirt to reach Monkey Mia. 

After we turned off the main highway we made a few stops on the way.

First was at Hamelin Pool to see the stromatolites.

Next Shell Beach - no sand just small white cockle shells.



           It was very glary.

From there we drove to Eagle Bluff which looks across Shark Bay to Dirk Hartog island - a magnificent view.

The water was many shades of green and blue. We spotted a school of fish and five sharks.

One of the sharks is circled.

We stopped at the town of Denham to visit the tourist information centre and to buy bread (and an apple pie) in the bakery.

Finally we arrived at Monkey Mia Resort. We are in a Dolphin Beachside Unit which is a lovely comfortable motel room facing the beach.


Anne went for a swim in the pool while Kevin went emu spotting.

Later in the afternoon we went down to the beach for a dip.


There were little fish and sting rays swimming around our legs.


At sunset we just had to step out our door to watch the sun go down.


Friday 15th April

   Monkey Mia

Kevin went out for his morning walk.

 At 7:30 we were over at the dolphin area waiting for the dolphins to make their morning visit. They came a little late but put on a show.Kevin was fortunate to be one of the chosen to fed a dolphin.

Later in the morning we hired a small putt-putt boat (electric) and took to the water for an hour.

The arrow points to our room. 

 We came back to shore and had a swim.

It was siesta time in the afternoon, then a walk before sunset.

Saturday 16th April

   Monkey Mia

Anne was awake early in time for the sunrise.

While we were out watching the sun rise we came upon a starfish with a short leg.

                                This is the view from our room.

The dolphins showed up early swimming along the beach in front of our unit. We joined the crowd at the dolphin interaction area for close encounters, or as close as we were allowed to go.

We met a couple of emus on the way to lunch.

While we were eating lunch we watched one of the catamarans set sail on an afternoon cruise.

Late afternoon we joined the sunset cruise on the Shotover, one of the cruising catamarans at Monkey Mia.

Sunday 17th April

   Monkey Mia

Another early morning, up before sunrise watching dolphins fish near the shore.

We also saw a starfish an small stingray in the clear water.

Then the sun rose.

After breakfast we were back at the dolphin interaction area waiting for the morning's activity.

About 7 dolphins came to view the humans this morning.

The crowd waiting for the dolphins  to appear.

After the feeding we finished packing and were on our way south by 9am.

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