Kevin and Anne  2011 Trips

i) South West WA (continued)

Continues from Part 1

Map of our planned route

Wednesday 27th April

Touring the South West (continued)

We drove through Augusta to Cape Leeuwin, the south west point of Australia and where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet.

It was so windy that it was hard to hold the camera still at times.

We travelled back to Busselton through Margaret River where we stopped for coffee and to have a stretch.

Thursday 28th April

Busselton & Dunsborough

Took the opportunity to do the laundry this morning.

 After lunch we drove into Busselton and found the jetty which has been renovated and is 2 kilometres long. We will go back one day when the weather is finer and take the train out to the end.

hen we went to Dunsborough and went shopping.

It has been raining on and off today so we have decided not to go to the Drive-in tonight. Perhaps it will be finer tomorrow or Saturday.

Friday 29th April


Kevin went out for an early morning walk.

Later in the morning we went into Busselton and walked along to the end of the 2 km jetty and back.

There were dolphins swimming near the jetty.

Walked around the town, had lunch and back to our unit to watch the Royal Wedding.

Saturday 30th April

Bunbury and Busselton

Decided to go to Bunbury the long way through the Tuart forest.

Went to the lookout. Kevin climbed to the top of the tower to admire the view, Anne looked from below. (92 steps, same as fire stairs to our apartment)

This evening we watched the sunset over the Indian Ocean, tomorrow we head east so no more ocean sunsets.

Sunday 1st May

 Busselton to Pemberton

Not a long driving day.  We drove eastwards through the tall forests which opened out at times to freshly green paddocks with cattle grazing.

We diverted from the main road to visit the Beedelup Falls.

Then we took to the dirt for a closer look at the karri forests.

We drove into the Warren National Park and along the Heartbreak Trail, stopping at a couple of campsites by the river.

We came across two "climbing" trees one in the Warren National Park,and the other in the Gloucester National Park near Pemberton, these parks boast some of the tallest Eucalyptus trees in Australia. The 62 metre tall Bicentennial Karri tree, with a bushfire watch tower bolted to its crown, is one of several in the area that can be climbed by those with a head for heights via the iron spikes hammered spirally into the trunk.the first the Bicentennial  tree

Note the person not Kevin half

way up the  Bicentennial Tree below.                    Kevin on the Gloucester tree and Anne opposite.

After lunch at the Glouscester Tree we found our accommodation - Karri Forest Motel - quite comfortable for our 2 night stay.

When we went into town to find something for tea we were greeted by a young lady and young man who who taking photos and interviewing people for the ABC open project Portrait of a Stranger. We agreed to be interviewed and spent a pleasant half hour having a chat.

Monday 2nd May

  Pemberton and surrounds

This morning we drove to Manjimup, after visiting the bakery for morning tea and lunch. We took the scenic route via Big Brook Dam,  Warren Red Cedar and Big Karri.

Big Brook Dam


                                                   The Big Karri

Warren Red Cedar

When we arrived in Manjimup we found a park where we had morning tea

Then we crossed the road to visit the Timber and Heritage Park where Kevin 

found a steam engine.

About 5 minutes out of Manjimup is the King Jarrah Tree which is 500 years old.


After shopping at the supermarket to stock up for the next few days we drove back through Manjimup towards Pemberton. On the way we stopped at The Diamond Tree, another climbing tree.

We had lunch here then headed back through Pemberton to the Cascades where we caught up with the tram  which travels daily from Pemberton.

While at the Cascades we took a walk which ended when we found this sign.

Tuesday 3rd May

  Pemberton to Albany

The fog was lifting as we left Pemberton early this morning.

We took the scenic drive from  Northcliffe to the highway, stopping at the Boorara Tree before reaching the South Western Highway which led us to Walpole.

The view where we stopped for morning tea before Walpole.

From Walpole we made our way to the Hilltop Giant Tingle Tree.

Tingle trees got the name Tingle apparently because of whiteman's misinterpretation of an aboriginal word.

The Giant Tingle Tree.

Next to the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk and Ancient Empire Boardwalk.

A few kilometres before Denmark we turned off the highway to visit William Bay. There we saw Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool.

We Finally arrived in Albany and checked into the Ace Motel for our 2 night stay.

Wednesday 4th May


Anne has a quiet day after a suspect dinner last night.

Kevin explored to city


Wind Farm


From here we head north to Wave Rock, click here to continue j) Wave Rock to the Nullarbor