Kevin and Anne  2011 Trips

k) Nullarbor to Home

Sunday 8th May

  Nullarbor Roadhouse to Ceduna

A road train out the front of the Nullarbor Roadhouse this morning just before we left.

We left a little later this morning and the sun was shining across the Nullarbor Plain.

By the time we reached Ceduna we had been through a few showers. We drove around the town looking at the sights, so we didn't get wet.

The 'lighthouse' at Pinky Point.

                                                                              A goods train carrying sand to the port.

                                                                                        The town jetty

Monday 9th May

Ceduna to Port Augusta

It was 7:45am we were ready to leave but the office wasn't open until 8am (too late) so we put the key in the box and left. They had our credit card details, so we weren't doing a runner. We had 468 kms to drive to Port Augusta.

Our morning tea stop was the town of  Wudinna where we decided to leave the highway and go visit Mt Wudinna, the 2nd largest monolith in Australia.

We climbed to the top of Mt Wudinna.

Anne even managed to reach the top with the help of her trusty purple chinese walking stick.

Turtle Rock

            We were up the top where the arrow is pointing.

Also in the town of Wudinna was a large granite statue - Australian  Farmer.

Kimba, the town with the Big Galah was our lunch stop.

After lunch we drove on to Iron Knob and had a drive around the town. Iron Knob was the place where BHP started mining iron ore.

It was about 3pm when we reached Port Augusta, had a look around town then found our motel. Free WIFI tonight, could even catch up on last nights Masterchef. (no channel 10 last night)

Tuesday 10th May

 Port Augusta to Broken Hill

As we left Port Augusta we could see the Flinders Ranges in the distance.

                                                                                Driving through the Flinders Ranges

We stopped for morning tea at The Giant Gum - a red river gum tree over 500 years old.

We crossed the border into NSW after lunch and made our way to Broken Hill where we found our accommodation for the next 2 nights at the Broken Hill City Caravan park.

Late in the afternoon we drove out to the "Living Desert" to see the Sculptures and watch the sun set over the desert.

Wednesday 11th May

  Broken Hill and Silverton

Went to the supermarket and filled up with petrol before going out to the Daydream Mine to take an underground mine tour.

We left the road to Silverton and headed along a dirt road , through farm gates to reach the mine site.

On the road to the Daydream mine

a flock of galahs flew overhead and landed in this tree

First we went on an above ground tour. We saw the Sturt Desert Pea in flower in the wild.

This euro watched us from behind some sheds.

Then we reached the Point of No Refund and prepared to descend 100 metres under the ground.

e donned helmets and attached torches.

It wasn't an easy descent into the mine. It must have been extremely difficult being a miner in the 1800s and early 1900s.

After that adventure we drove on to Silverton across almost dry rivers.

Silverton is the place where Mad Max and other movies have been filmed.

                           Mad Kevin

Then we headed back to Broken Hill where we looked down on the town from one of the lookouts.

At the lookout there was an enormous seat.

Thursday 12th May

  Broken Hill  to Cobar

We departed Broken Hill this morning about 8:45am and headed towards Menindee. We decided to take the long way to Cobar so we could see Menindee Lakes.

By the time we arrived in Menindee we had lost half an hour, clocks are now back on Eastern Standard Time.

The hotel in Menindee where Burke and Wills stayed.

Menindee Lakes

The wind was quite strong - there was even a surf.

From Menindee we drove across country along a dirt road which at times was a track to Wilcannia

When we arrived in Wilcannia we stopped beside the Darling River for lunch.

The main street of Wilcannia.

t was then a 2 hour drive to Cobar where we are staying for the next 2 nights at the Town & Country Motel.

Friday 13th May


Walked through town  to the tourist information centre for maps.


then back to the car to drive out to Mt Grenfell. Mt Grenfell is the site of aboriginal rock art and is about 75kms  out of town. We packed a picnic and were soon on the way. After the bitumen we were on red dirt again.

We saw lots of goats and these cattle on the road.

Once we reached the site we walked a few hundred metrers theough the bush to the rock art on overhangs.

After lunch we drove back to through town to a lookout which looks towards the town  over the open cut mine.

Saturday 14th May

Cobar to Dubbo

Drove from Cobar to Dubbo stopping at Nyngan for morning tea.

When we arrived in Dubbo we visited the zoo before we checked into our hotel. Our ticket allows 2 day access to the zoo so we will be there tomorrow for a longer visit.

After driving some of the way around we decided to check in and go to the supermarket .

We have a unit with kitchen, living room and separate bedroom and bathroom.

Eating dinner at our dining room table.

Sunday 15th May


Zoo Map

Today was spent at the Western Plains Zoo.

First stop was at the Black Rhinos enclosure to hear the Keeper's talk and see them being fed.

Then next door to the Barbary Sheep. 

The Meerkats were not far away.

Further down the road the giraffes were being fed.

The hippos enjoyed being sprayed with the hose.

The lone African elephant used her tusk to open the coconut palm trunk.

The Asian elephants came from a circus.

The cheetah looked like a skin lying in the sun.

The lions were enjoying the sun too.

The Sumatran tigers are part of the endangered species breeding program.

The Siamang apes were incredibly noisy.

heck our YouTube video below

The Greater one-horned Rhino from Asia was shy and hid behind his shed. Kevin managed to climb on the fence and reach up to take this photo.

             Przewalski's Horse

A big Bison

We walked through the Koala and wallaby enclosure.

Our final port of call was to see the Galapagos Tortoise.

The Tortoise was active because he knew feeding time was 2:20pm.

See our YouTube video below

Monday 16th May

 Dubbo to Home

We are HOME!