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6 am meet at the Bus in Emily Street, everybody there on time and a quick trip to the airport.

Left an hour late from Sydney but arrived only 5 minutes late, interesting flight with a bumpy start. Surprised to see when I selected a movie from the back of seat pad, it was free for first 5 minutes then $10 for the rest. Also our cheaper tickets meant we watched the person next to us eat their meal while we had coffee or water once only

Day 1  Monday 17th October 2016

Leave Sydney for Norfolk Island with BP Probus

Under construction

2 hour 10 minute flight

How to board a plane on the tarmac without using the stairs     

First sight of the Island

4:30 drinks down at The House where the girls are, we (21 BP Probians)have to whole place (House and 5 apartments) to ourselves.

Endeavour Lodge about 10 minutes from the the airport in our welcoming bus

We ended the day with dinner together at the Bowling Club.

Day 2 Tuesday 18th October 2016

Busy day of Activities

The view from The House

We started the day on our “Half Day Island Tour” with our great driver called Max who has had 44 years of experience on Norfolk Island.

Max has his own book called “Ask a Silly Question” with questions like did Captain Cook die on his first or second voyage.

Wild chooks everywhere, our guide told us they were not fit to eat and were being continually culled.

Kingston the original penal colony.

Protest signs outside the Governor’s residence. A lot are not happy with the Australian Government “Takeover”

Pauline Hanson is visiting the island this week.

The original cemetery.

There are green hands everywhere, the symbol for the protest movement.

Emily Bay

Lone pine dating back to before first settlement

Included Devonshire tea and back on the bus back to town.

No long bus trips here, the locals say 10 minutes across and 10 minutes from top to bottom.

Sunset before we leave for the Sound and Light show

The “Show” was an hour in an old bus with actors appearing at each point with recorded commentary on the bus.

An OK concept but I do not think I would recommend this tour.

Day 3  Wednesday 19th October 2016

A day on our own to look around

St Barnabas Chapel

Road Works

Lois and I went on the coffee run this morning, expecting the road to be closed, we went the southern road, forgetting it also came out before the road works, so a long trip to town (Black).

While buying the coffee we noticed to road open so a shorter trip home (Blue).

Anne and I took the car for a spin this morning, the map below only shows where we meant to go , not the navigation mistakes we made.

Mount Pitt

Second stop Mount Pitt, beautiful day with one of the few peaks in the world with a 360 degree of ocean view.

First stop, an excellent stop at the shops, bought nothing.


Third stop Cascade Wharf, can see why not many Cruise ships visit here.

Then the dark brown line on the map shows our route up through the hills and back home for a rest before our lunch trip.

Cascade Wharf


Endeavour Lodge

Bedrock Homestead

Next Lunch at the Bedrock Homestead with this beautiful view across the water

4:30 drinks down at the house

Day 4 Thursday 20th October 2016

Car Rally

5 cars took part in today's Great Race (50km/hr max, 30km/hr max in School Zone and 40 km/hr max in town)

The route of our 2+ hour, 47 question car rally.

The winners by a point were Kevin and Anne Guest with Joe and Monica Grabowski in the Tarago. The prize was a Norfolk Book for each winning couple, thanks Lois.

Lunch at Captain’s Cooks Memorial

Elephant Rock

Tonight while the rest go out to dinner, we are going to the “Mutiny on the Bounty” show.

Rained before show and when it started again an hour into the show we went home.

First car off

Open air show, you can see the Bounty above, the water in front where they rowed the boat to Tahiti on the right out of the picture.

Two Internet pictures below

Day 5  Friday 21st October 2016

Golf and Progressive Dinner




Our Accommodation

Endeavour Lodge

The perfect place for a group of 21 to visit Norfolk Island.

Hire car included was a necessity and most were fairly modern Hyundai I20s.

It’s about 5km or about 7 minutes to the one and only roundabout that is right in the centre of the island.

Really well set up for a holiday, even down to the picnic basket, picnic rug, binoculars, dishwasher (I bought my own), (TV with 9 Melbourne, 7 Sydney and 10 Melbourne, and adverts for central Australia and outback Queensland), washing machine, BBQ, Thermos, fresh fruit etc etc.

Progressive dinner tonight, the 21 of us plus a second bus with another 20 or so. Great night visiting three homesteads, first nibbles, second main and third desert, all meals were great well organised and cooked at the place.

At each there was a talk about the house and family history.

Day 6  Saturday 22nd October 2016

Free day with group BBQ for dinner

East and South side drive of the island this morning

1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5

Afternoon of rest “Internet down”

Group BBQ at the house

Day 7 Sunday 23rd October 2016

St Barnabas Chapel for an 8:30am traditional Anglican Service

Then another Devonshire Tea at the Hilli Cafe

Afternoon with the locals

Second service today, down in Kingston at the All Saints Church. A 1662 order of service but it included a prayer for Charles and Camilla, so it has been updated.

A drive through Burnt Pine, the main town right in the centre of the island.

Dinner of leftovers at the house tonight

Day 8 Monday 24th October 2016

Fly Home

Again Google informed me that our plane was 50 minutes late, correctly, but nothing said over speakers at the airport.

Not happy Air New Zealand, again seated in middle of plane away from toilets, third person in our row but many other free seats, and they forgot to put green label on wheelchair so it went to baggage carousel instead of plane door.

Anne’s forklift platform

Arrived home safely about an hour late

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